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Are serifs dead for logos? Tech companies would seem to think so.

One of my clients is at the Gartner Expo in Barcelona and I was interested to see who else was exhibiting there. As I scanned through the logos I was struck by how ‘samey’ they all looked. No one company seemed to be trying to stand out from the crowd. Black and blue were the dominant colours with splashes of red, orange and some green to be seen. But the thing that struck me the most (and which is why they look so much the same) was the overwhelming use of sans serif fonts for the logos. There were 135
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Is UX making everything look the same?

Do you often find so many websites hard to tell one from the other? Of course, you are constrained by the format of a smart phone, tablet or desktop. You basically have a rectangular space to play with and the smaller you go, the harder it is to make it look different from the rest. Sure, you can use good photography, sensibly cropped and edited, good typography with a myriad of web fonts, and attractive colourways and graphics. But I was still slightly uneasy about the results. Looking for inspiration, I came across this nicely designed site by Jacinthe Busson,
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